Tirolesi-Trentini View of Silverton
Trentini Grave, Silverton, Colorado

Tirolesi-Trentini Monument

Silverton, Colorado was once home to many immigrants from the province of Trento, Italy. This heritage is celebrated at the Tirolesi-Trentini Monument in Silverton during an annual celebration held every Labor Day Weekend with a Polenta Picnic, Bocci Ball, music and lots of fun!

Tirolesi and Trentini descendants gather at this monument as a tribute to the pioneer families of the Tyrol and celebrate with traditional foods and historic activities. This monument is the only one of its kind in North America.

This page will be updated to provide information about the festivities. If you have questions now, please contact Lisa or Bill at the Villa Dallavalle Inn.

Trentini Polenta Picnic, 2012